Jul 16, 2014

For All The Managers Out There: Here is How To Sack Your Employees

How many employees have you fired so far?

According to Claire Burke, a guardian professional, sacking employees is a scenario that managers dread since it can end up in tears, tempers and if you get it wrong a costly employment tribunal. She says that sacking an employee will never be pleasant but it is a necessary part of the job as a manager. So what is the right way to do it she asks?

Gerry Peyton, Director of consultancy HRPlus says that before it even gets to that point, it's necessary for managers to address problems when they start to emerge and resist the temptation to do

Jul 10, 2014

Recruitment Matters: How To Negotiate For A Salary.

Whether its during recruitment or in a job, learn the tips on how to negotiate for a better salary like a pro.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending an interview on the job center segment on KTN TV.
The job center segment is aired live on Monday prime time. The major aim is to empower young Kenyan professionals make sense of their careers.

On this particular day, the topic was on the touchy issue of salary. How do you negotiate for a better salary either during recruitment or even when you've settled in a job?

Here is the recording of the show.

Jul 8, 2014

6 Top Skills Of A Kenyan IT Job Seeker

A career in Information Technology in Kenya requires skills. The modern IT executive must be a master of the technology he manages plus the business lines it supports. What follows are the six essential skills, provided by my source who is an IT manager from one of the leading IT firms in Kenya.

Kenya IT jobs comes in various titles such as web Designer, ICT technician, Server Administrator, Applications Developer, web Designer, Mobile Application developer and many other titles but all these title requires these skills that gives a Kenyan IT job seeker an edge over the other candidates.

6 top skills of a Kenyan IT Job seekers.

1.    Technical savvy every Kenyan IT job seeker must show a proven track record of power technology to increase performance, productivity and competitive edge. But technical savvy is nothing without

Apr 8, 2014

Problem Solver: The One Important Skill Every HR Professional Must Have

I have always viewed problem solving skill as one of the most essential trait each and every HR person should possess. Especially so because this particular professional deals or interacts mostly with people who have different personalities and is also expected to offer advice to Department

Heads, senior management, top management and all employees in general. I always try and advice Department Heads that it is very important for them to be offering solutions to problems rather than just reporting. As a manager you should rise above the employees you supervise. Ask yourself what makes you different from them? What makes you stand out as a manager and be respected as

Mar 14, 2014

4 Ways HR Managers Can Identify & Recruit High Potential Candidates

By Mark Namaswa,
How easy or difficult is it to read a human being’s mind? We do it all the time—analyzing, judging and trying to guess what type of people they are—when we come into contact with them. Sometimes our judgement is right, sometimes we fail terribly and get the wrong impression of people.

Allan Hall in an article on forbes.com highlights this difficulty: “Over the course of my career, I’ve hired hundreds of people. Some were exceptional employees who were major contributors to our success. Others didn’t work out. In most cases, when an employee left or was terminated, I was the problem,” he says. “Those dismissed were good people. I just did not know how to properly hire new employees.”
His current theory is pegged on seven tenets: Competence, capability, character, compatibility,

Jan 6, 2014

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated In New Year

By Tabitha Mwai,
“Nowadays employers do not care much about their employees. You either do the job or you leave, I mean there so many people willing to do the job,” Mrs. Mercy Kyalo asserts, an employee with one of the firms based in Westlands.

Work productivity is directly related to the employee’s level of motivation. “When employees are motivated their involvement and commitment to work related activities will increase,” explains Perminus Wainaina a HR consultant at Corporate Staffing Services. “When employees are well motivated it ensures a good working relationship,” he adds.

The best way to have better results at work is by ensuring that you acknowledge and reward employees’ efforts. Mrs. Mercy Kyalo holds that, “I would be motivated if my employer offered me

Dec 10, 2013

How To Build A Productive Team In Your Company

By Dorcas Karuana,
As we come to the end of the year, each company is doing some evaluation on employees performance as well as its own performance. Each one of us has different productivity level as some employees are able to meet set targets and exceed them while others are not.

So how can you build a productive team? It is not as hard as you may think. Here are five things you should be doing with your employees to increase productivity, focus, and overall team wellbeing:

1. Appreciate Them
It’s all too easy to forget that the people working for you are just that – people. As a team manager, try to connect with everybody who works for you as often as possible and take the effort to learn