Sep 24, 2014

7 Types Of Employees You Should Fire Right Away

A difficult situation most managers want to avoid is letting an employee go. But sometimes one can be forced to fire an employee because of lack of performance, failing to meet targets or for whatever reason.

Since bad employees are better gone, here are the types of employees you should definitely let go of.

1.    The Usual Suspects

Feel free to fire these people: the one who is always stealing, the one who is not doing their job, the one who does not think at any given situation and the trouble maker. They drag the whole organization down through their behaviors.

2.    The Self-Crowned King of Ethics.
This is the employee who feels it his responsibility to be the guardian of the work place. He/she reports or
complains to the management about others coming in late, leaving early, not working hard enough e.t.c

Sep 1, 2014

Allow Your Employees To Take An Afternoon Nap For Productivity

Google does it, Times Warner, Nike and Newsweek are just but a few of the companies that allow their employees to take an afternoon nap in the name of boosting their productivity.

But as a Kenyan employer how practical is this for you? Would you let your employees take a nap, not in hiding like most do but quite openly at their desks or better yet, build a ‘nap room’ for them?

Sarah Knapton, a correspondent with The Telegraph quotes Vincent Walsh, professor of human brain research who argues that workers should be allowed naps in the afternoon and encouraged to clock-in whenever they want.

This he says will encourage a more creative and productive workforce.

“If we want people to be more creative, we need people to be able to do less. Companies should

Aug 18, 2014

Employers Manual: 5 Things The Younger Generation Cares About in a Job

As an employer have you thought much about what the young generation really cares about when they are looking for a job?

“The best companies on the planet LOVE young talent who are on purpose and have a sense of urgency to their life. Everything has changed, and what it took to thrive five years ago doesn’t work anymore. The problem for business lays in attracting that young talent and keeping them. Up to 60 percent of millennials leave companies they work for within three years because “it’s not a good cultural fit.”,” says Peter Voogd.

Companies don’t succeed, people do. Without the right people your business won't reach its full potential but there are reliable tools and strategies that consistently attract top-notch talent.

Here is a list of what this generation cares about:

1.    Dynamic culture.

Aug 4, 2014

5 Attributes of Finest Candidates to Hire in Your Organization

According to Andrew Miller the President of ACM Consulting, one of the things that great companies do is they hire the best people. These successful companies aren’t afraid to recruit the best candidates from other organizations or pull talented people from other industries.

He says that there are three attributes that are most important to an organization when hiring: attitude, competency and mindset.

First is attitude; an employee has a passion for the organization and what it is trying to accomplish and is excited about being a part of the organization.

Secondly is competency, an employee has the right skills and capabilities to do his or her job, or has

Jul 16, 2014

For All The Managers Out There: Here is How To Sack Your Employees

How many employees have you fired so far?

According to Claire Burke, a guardian professional, sacking employees is a scenario that managers dread since it can end up in tears, tempers and if you get it wrong a costly employment tribunal. She says that sacking an employee will never be pleasant but it is a necessary part of the job as a manager. So what is the right way to do it she asks?

Gerry Peyton, Director of consultancy HRPlus says that before it even gets to that point, it's necessary for managers to address problems when they start to emerge and resist the temptation to do

Jul 10, 2014

Recruitment Matters: How To Negotiate For A Salary.

Whether its during recruitment or in a job, learn the tips on how to negotiate for a better salary like a pro.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending an interview on the job center segment on KTN TV.
The job center segment is aired live on Monday prime time. The major aim is to empower young Kenyan professionals make sense of their careers.

On this particular day, the topic was on the touchy issue of salary. How do you negotiate for a better salary either during recruitment or even when you've settled in a job?

Here is the recording of the show.

Jul 8, 2014

6 Top Skills Of A Kenyan IT Job Seeker

A career in Information Technology in Kenya requires skills. The modern IT executive must be a master of the technology he manages plus the business lines it supports. What follows are the six essential skills, provided by my source who is an IT manager from one of the leading IT firms in Kenya.

Kenya IT jobs comes in various titles such as web Designer, ICT technician, Server Administrator, Applications Developer, web Designer, Mobile Application developer and many other titles but all these title requires these skills that gives a Kenyan IT job seeker an edge over the other candidates.

6 top skills of a Kenyan IT Job seekers.

1.    Technical savvy every Kenyan IT job seeker must show a proven track record of power technology to increase performance, productivity and competitive edge. But technical savvy is nothing without