Sep 13, 2012

Using A Recruitment Checklist.

By Perminus Wainaina.
( Recruitment Consultant In Kenya With Corporate Staffing Services
In many occasions, not getting the right candidate has more to do with your recruitment process than lack of good candidates out there. Many employers when recruiting will just settle with developing the job description, advertising or using a recruitment agency.

Below is a recruitment checklist as forwarded to us by Perminus Wainaina, a recruitment consultant with Corporate Staffing Services Ltd.

1. Vacancy arises - do you need to recruit? Yes / No. If yes follow stages 2 to 20 below.

2. Analyze the job; review the job description and person specification to ensure that they are still relevant and update if necessary.

3. Agree interview panel and recruitment and selection timetable. Put key dates in diary e.g. closing date, short list, interview date(s).

4. Decide recruitment method; consider both in-house and external resources. e.g. local newspaper, professional journal, internet, recruitment agency.

5. Place advertisement with selected recruitment channel

6. Respond to inquiries and issue information pack(s) – application form, person specification, job description, other information.

7. Closing date. Collate application forms, CVs and shortlist against person specification. Complete shortlist grid.
8. Make arrangements for the interviews (confirm panel, venue, selection methods and interview schedule). Invite the shortlisted candidates and provide them with all relevant information.

9. Complete interview process (conduct interview and any practical tests).

10. Assess each candidate against the person specification to reach a decision on who is the best candidate. Complete interview record form.

11. Make an offer to the successful candidate. You should request references at this point (one reference must be from the current or most recent employer).

12. Carry out all the necessary checks against the required documents, taking photocopies as required. For example:
any photographs are consistent with the appearance of the potential employee.
the date of birth is consistent with the appearance of the potential employee.
the expiry dates on any documents produced are not passed.

15. Work permit, Yes / No

16. Once declarations are checked as positive, and references seen, issue confirmation of employment letter.

17. Acceptance of offer received.

18. Contact unsuccessful candidates (retain their files for six months following the recruitment process).

19. Issue new employee with statement of terms and conditions of employment as soon as possible after their start date & in every case within eight weeks.

20. A health questionnaire must be given to the new employee as soon as possible (preferably on their first day), for completion. The completed form is filed in a sealed envelope in the personnel file.

If you follow the recruitment processes outlined above, you are more likely to end up with a good candidate.