Employment Agency

Why do many employers in Kenya now use recruitment agencies?

The most common reason
, is simply to save time and effort. Many Kenyan organisations don’t have the staff or time to sift through all the job applications that can be generated by an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet, so they use an agency to bring the numbers down to a manageable level or even fill the post itself.

Another reason is that the job is senior or specialized one, and the employer will appoint an agency that specializes in finding people for that particular profession or level of experience, with good contacts in that field.

The third reason is confidentiality. The employer may be a high-profile organisation that wants to avoid the publicity involved in an advertisement or to avoid unsuitable applicants who are attracted by the name; or they may be seeking to replace someone who won’t know they’re being replaced until the security guards turn up.

To use a recruitment agency in Kenya establish these facts.
1. Which area they specialize.
2. Who pays for the recruitment fee.
3. How fast they can provide the candidates.
4. Are they recognized by the Govt. 

Yourself you need to provide the employment agency with.
1. Job description.
2. Salary for this post.Can be specific or a range.
3. The urgency of the recruitment. How soon do you need the employee.

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